Terms and Conditions

1)    You must be 18 or older to use this product.
2)    This product may not be used for fraudulent activity.
3)    You must deliver; you are responsible for the products you post.
4)    Customer complaints may lead to the removal of your ability to use this product.
5)    Abuse of our datacenter may lead to prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.

Privacy Policy

1)    This product does not access your personal information.
2)    The email that you provide must be verified to insure that it is a legitimate email address that we can use to contact you.  It is not provided to anybody else.
3)    The phone number that you provide is not indexed on any search engine.
4)    The phone number that you provide is used for people to contact you in order to purchase the product you are selling.
5)    Once you have sold your item, select personal items from this product and remove the item from the list of products that you are providing, this will insure that your phone number is removed so you do not receive additional phone calls for that item.
6)    As a user of this product, your personal privacy is important to us.